Iron & Wine & Happenstance

My lovely friend A was visiting last weekend and thanks to a snowstorm flight snafu lucky break, she ended up on the plane with the band Iron and Wine.  Their very sweet manager managed to finagle us tickets to their sold-out concert at Radio City Music Hall (a few hours on the tarmac gives you a chance to get to know your neighbor!).  

The concert was amazing.  I knew a song or two of theirs, but it made us fans.  Lead singer Sam Beam is a fantastic musician and unexpectedly, quite a good stand-up comedian.  We ended up in sweet seats behind the sound guy and had a fantastic night listening to amazing music, watching the cool work on the sound board, and getting to hang out with A.  Fabulous night.  (And the pictures from my Blackberry just don't do it justice.)  Thanks, Howard - what a lucky coincidence!

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