Ladies & gentlemen, start your engines!

The NY DEC tree nursery opens tomorrow for ordering!  For those who remember our little tree-planting adventure, we're gearing up for another order of craziness.  But first, a quick glimpse at how last year's trees did.  These pics are a little old, as they'd be under a couple of feet of snow right now.  Before the winter hit, the beach plums we planted on the hillside (above) were doing beautifully, as were the red oaks we scattered around the property (below).

And today we settled on our plan for this year's order: white pinebalsam fir, and white spruce (for privacy and deliciously smelling needles), more red oak, red maple (for brilliant fall color), American highbush cranberry and bayberry (for wildlife food sources), dwarf sand cherry (for streambank stabilization), and paper birch (for its beautiful bark), if they're all still available.  Don't ask how many - once again, we're nuts.

If you're up for ordering, too, here's the 2011 brochure for the Saratoga Tree Nursery.  The site has details about each species, but if the plants you want are marked as "LS" (limited supply), order as early as you can - they sell out in the blink of an eye.  New Hampshire has a similar program - let us know if you know of others!

We're also getting a few apple trees and some lingonberries from St. Lawrence Nurseries.  Their focus is cold-hardy edible plants - necessary for our freezing little pocket of upstate New York.  Exciting!

Until then, we'll be sorting out our fancy planting-wear...

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