Things You Don't See in the City

It has been ages since I've posted - I think I've been hibernating... So to take inspiration from the flowers blooming in Central Park, time to start afresh.

A little amusement for you today. We were upstate at the cottage this weekend painting, and discovered this. It's alternately infuriating (7 trees in one week!!) and hilarious (of all the challenges we expect to have with a house, this isn't one of them), so I had to share. As you can see, there is a busy beaver (or many) at work at our place. (Aggressive little buggers...) Much laugher was had (ok, after some stress - would they aim away from the house, please?!) and we're relieved that so far they're just taking the poplars (which we neophytes have been informed aren't great trees anyway). Keep your fingers crossed that their diet doesn't include apple trees!

Hope you had a lovely Easter!

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