Things You Don't See in the City - Part 2

Spring comes late to upstate New York, and although the excitement may have worn off already for others, I had to post these photos.  Looks to me like a sign of spring if ever there was one!  These are a few of the lambs at a local university farm program a short drive away from the cottage.  The sheep weren't so excited that I hung out to take some photos of the little ones, so I just snapped a few quick shots before they could get too grouchy.

P.S.  An update on the beavers and their tree-felling...  The little guys managed to down 25 trees in a two-week stretch!!  That's some gumption.  (Or audacity...?)   And it sounds like one isn't so little after all: we hear there's an 80-pound bugger in the beaver pond.  Yes, you read that right.  Eighty pounds!!!  Yeesh.  We've also learned that you have to wrap the trunks of trees you want to save with wire.  It's worked so far - keep your fingers crossed and we'll keep you posted...

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